"I will take revenge on Quran, on Allah, on all Muslims, all people with closed eyes deserve punishment"

Af en toe krijg ik mails van mensen die contacten hebben in Iran, en die me vertellen over hun bevindingen en ervaringen. Gisteren kreeg ik weer zo’n brief, en ik las hem met stijgende verbazing en tranen in de ogen.

Het gaat om een westerse man die in Iran een goede vriendin heeft. Ik noem haar Saba, want haar echte naam hou ik uiteraard geheim. Saba is 22 jaar jong en studeert moleculaire biologie. Ze is uiterst intelligent, maar woont in een zeer religieuze stad van Iran, en heeft het gevoel dat ze daar stikt. Zij is absoluut niet gelovig; haar familie wel. Ze vertelde haar vriend, die mij dus de mail stuurde, een tijd geleden dat ze het gevoel heeft in een cocon te leven, afgesloten van de westerse wereld en van vrijheid. Ze schreef hem daarover onder meer deze brief, die ik mocht publiceren. Aanleiding is een ‘voorval’ waarbij een goede vriendin van haar het had aangedurfd met een aantal jongeren in één ruimte samen te komen en nochtans onschuldige dingen te doen die echter voor het islamitische regime niet door de beugel konden. De vriendin werd gearresteerd en misbruikt.

Wie echt wil weten hoezeer religie, in dit geval islam, levens van mensen kan verwoesten, moet deze brief lezen. En hem verspreiden.

I am so sad, I am so angry, she has been destroyed, she has been finished, she is only 15, she has become completely mad, she doesn’t have control of herself anymore. They beat her, they, those women there abused her, they raped her, she was talking and she was shaking, she can’t study anymore because she has lost her consciousness, she was an all-time smiley girl but now she can only cry, or no, she can’t cry, she just stares. For what sin they did it to her? Even she prayed, she believes in Allah and she always prays but why God didn’t they help her? You know what they did to her? They took off all her clothes in front of lots of women, maybe men too, but she was ashamed to tell that. Completely naked they made her lie on a bed and they opened her legs and started investigating into her vagina and touching her breasts to torture her. Tell me, isn’t it a rape? Is it a legal islamic rape? Where is her shelter? She has no one, she is very alone and her parents are not that rich and powerful. All three in their small family could only cry. Where are people who call themselves Muslims to see all this? Do they live with Islamic laws? Those Muslims in your country know nothing, this is Islam, who has said it has been abused? It has not, it has not, IT HAS NOT BEEN ABUSED, it is the Islam I have read in Quran, let me tell you, women are nothing, hey, those Muslims, if they say what I’m saying is a lie, let them go and open their Qurans and read the surahs about women and lights? They will see the real Islam there.

I am full of hate, I have never been like that, I am extremely angry, I will take revenge on all of them, one by one, I am so sure about that. You should have seen her, she always wore very nice clothes, always smiled, you just said something and she started laughing, but now, she had come here with her home clothes, and whatever you said, she waited for some minutes and after several minutes she just looked at you very cold and said something meaningless. Her hands were brown as she had been beaten several times.

You will see, as much as it is hard, if even I will get killed in this way, I will take revenge. I will take revenge on Quran, on Allah, on all Muslims, all people with closed eyes deserve punishment. You should have seen her, a 15 year old girl who is almost nothing anymore. She is sick of stress and she is full of fear. I am sure about so many other things they have done to her but she can’t talk about them. They will take her to a psychologist soon.

You know what I want to do now? For the first time, I wanna take the Quran in my hand and beat it very hard, want to tear it up, want to promise Allah again I will destroy his kingdom, his crazy nasty dirty kingdom. One day comes that we will put all Qurans of the world in the center of Mecca and we put fire on all of them, we will burn all of them, I will do that.

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